The Rapport Course


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Why do this course?

Have you noticed some people just seem to know how to get along with anyone and find meeting new people fun and easy? That’s great for them, but...

What if you find yourself feeling awkward with people and not knowing how or what to say? This can make one seem shy or just not friendly.

You may know in your head that "rapport" is a connection that leads to building relationships, making friends, and influencing people, but how do you do it?

Rapport is connection, like being on the same wavelength or being in tune with another person. Some connections become so strong that you can feel and sense what the other person is thinking or feeling without even speaking. You really get where they’re coming from and they really get where you’re coming from. This feeling of being understood gives us a strong sense of connection.

The essence of relationships is communication: However, even people who are deeply connected find their communication sometimes becomes blocked. We try helplessly to speak, but our partner does not hear. We try to express our feelings, but they do not arrive as intended. In frustration, we say unkind things we later regret that drive us farther apart causing us to possibly experience more hurt, rejection, and misunderstanding. This continued scenario may lead to putting up walls and no communication at all. Misunderstandings and lack of communication are the basis of problems between people.

So, what can you do?

You can learn helpful skills that will allow you to build rapport and be more productive and have happier relations in life in general. Signing up for this course will give you actual practice and training to become proficient in good communication skills. These skills have been tried, refined and tested. Merely knowing about these skills is not enough. You need to develop these skills through practice in a safe environment. It is possible for you to become a good communicator, but can you imagine being a GREAT communicator?

To do this course you will need a like-minded partner and a day or weekend when you can intensively focus on working together. You will learn a lot about each other and about yourself. This is a supervised course.

Benefits to You of Completing This Course

  1. The ability to stay focused, cool, calm and functional in the face of adversity
  2. A better understanding how communication breaks down and what you can do to repair it
  3. Greater affection, compassion, empathy and understanding
  4. The ability to get your questions answered in a timely fashion
  5. The opportunity to master your intention and will
  6. Higher self-esteem and more……………….

The Rapport Course is done in 3 segments:

Part 1: The introductory course. A 1-day course to introduce you to several of the exercises of the Rapport Course.

Part 2: The intermediate course. Also a 1-day course with more advanced exercises.

Part 3: The advanced course. This 3-day course is the culmination of the other courses, plus additional exercises that are done to mastery.

Due to the nature and attention to achieving the desired results this course will be limited to 20 participants.

Special Offer!

Introductory Course for $75.00 per person.

Creating Instant Rapport CD

Sign up today and receive the CD "Secrets to Creating Instant Rapport".

The cost of this CD normally would be $24.95, but for signing up today it’s yours FREE! You pay only shipping and handling.

The rapport courses are the result of over 40 years of research and refinement by Enid Vien. Author, philosopher, Dynamis Clearing Master.

Contact David at 619-668-1041 for a special offer on tuition of this course!

The Dynamism Institute is an association of Clearing Practitioners and Viewers dedicated to Dynamism’s philosophical approach to spirituality.

A person receiving Clearing is called a Viewer or Seeker.

A Clearing Practitioner is a person who has trained years learning to effectively assist you in regaining your individuality, self-esteem and determinism. A Practitioner is not a therapist, advice giver, or psychologist. We do not use hypnotism or any technique that lessens the individual’s control. We are here to help you discover your own point of view and to make your own decisions. No one knows you better than you!

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