Getting Out of Your Own Way!!!

The self-saboteur

First, let me tell you how this talk came about. As some of you know I host the financial game, Cashflow twice a month. One night after playing the game we were having our usual after game discussion. A question we ask players is ďWhat did you learn?Ē

One of the players, letís call him Joey, spoke up and said, ďI was playing a great game, acquired lots money and stuff and then lost it all and it hurt! As his face reddened and his eyes started to water Joey said, ďThis is a my life! Not only does it hurt itís a pattern that keeps occurring in my life. Itís happened so many times. Iím very good at finding and putting together great relationships and making them successful, but then I blow it and lose it all.Ē

Joey said, ď I notice when Iíve got very little to no money I sit around in my head and just think about things, know what I mean? I think up all these great ideas, but then I donít do anything with them, like Iím stuck! Looking at this I learned that when Iíve successfully created the things I want in my life, something weird comes along and I destroy it. I would start thinking Iím not worthy or questioning myself , doubting my partners or just plain going so fast I didnít know what was going on! I feel like Iím my own worst enemy.Ē Then Joey said with a profound truth, ď I get in my own way. I sabotage my creations so I continue to failĒ.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Well, after Joey spoke these words others in the group began sharing how they had self sabotaged relations, projects, and various other scenarios. We all had instances where we have sabotaged or at least thought we sabotaged something we badly wanted.

We all agreed that after it was all over we felt a little less powerful, less certain of ourselves, and cast off the center of our universe. Enid Vien was part of this group and she gave some hot tips as to how we can recognize the fact weíre starting to self sabotage a project or relationship. More importantly she gave us wisdom on what we can do to prevent these unwanted acts of self sabotage. This information was so powerful we wanted to share it with you.

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