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Dealing with Oppressive Personalities


Handling Oppressive Personalities

Are you under the influence of a person with an oppressive personality?

If you have come under the influence of a person with an oppressive and/or abusive personality you will find it’s very difficult to not engage in the game they play. If you were to inspect the situation you would find you have many justifications for playing their game. It’s very hard for you to let them be as they are. Generally you have the irresistible impulse to want to change and somehow fix them. A good example of this is the woman who opens her heart to a guy who’s known as a “Player.” He plays around and when he’s caught, he sweet talks his way out or becomes angry. She may start out knowing this, but believes she can make him change despite warnings from friends and family, and besides he really does love her. The temptation to try and change him is irresistible. Don’t get me wrong, this type of person can be a family man, but at what cost?

Playing the game with no expectation on the outcome is ok, but to play putting your love and emotions on the line are pretty risky. You see, the danger in this is that such people and their games are harmful to your spiritual well being and may make you sick, at least at heart.


  • Chipping away at your self-esteem.

  • Overwhelming you.

  • Destabilizing you.

  • Making you seek their approval

  • Causing you to become a self-saboteur.

Abused Persons come in 4 types

  1. You are currently under the influence.

  2. You have been under the influence in the past and any opposition reminds you of that.

  3. You have been so overwhelmed by oppression it superimposes on the present.

  4. You have come into contact with a mutilated soul* (Discussed in detail in Mood Swings 2 Ed. by Enid Vien)
Those who are under the influence of an Oppressive and/or Abusive personality will find they are not able to be stable, emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. A great win one day and in the cellar the next.

In this CD, you will learn about handling oppressive and abusive personalities from with Enid Vien, Clearing Practitioner, author, and life coach. In this workshop, we will:

  • Remove some of the affects of past oppression!
  • Help you recognize present and future oppressors!
  • What steps you can take to stay free of oppression!

  1. What do oppressive personalities do? (4:10)

  2. Making Distinctions (2:10)

  3. The Hidden Oppressor (4:55)

  4. Why do people become oppressive? (7:26)

  5. Tricks of the oppressive. (9:18)

  6. Ways the oppressive can get me? (1:035)

  7. Freeing yourself of oppression (8:00)

  8. Risk Free Offer (1:30)

Get your copy of this exciting CD!

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