Getting Out of Your Own Way

The Self-Saboteur

Ever felt you were in your own way?

Ever suspected you were a self-saboteur?

Want to go in one direction, but can’t?

What is this phenomenon?

What are you doing to get in your own way?

What kinds of thoughts do you have in your mental basement?

“All that we are, is the results of what we have thought” Buddha.

In this CD Enid discusses:

  • Where are these thoughts originating ?

  • What you can do to sort them out and much more!
Listen to this CD and start to sort out some of the reasons you self sabotage yourself and others. Of course there may other factors which may cause you to self sabotage. This would require examination with a Dynamism Practitioner. Get started now resolving some of those you can and start to create and win the way you know you can.

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