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Enid Vien

The Sovereignty Manual

This Enid's latest hot creation. It's a fantastic manual that's still in manuscript edition. The cost is $40.00
Read a chapter from this book. Read Ted Crammer's review of this book.

In Search of the Golden Nuggets

If your business could use a little method and magic, this book is for you. The exercises that follow each chapter could change your life dramatically. In Search of the Golden Nuggets is about business, but more importantly, it is about you. $29.95

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Mood Swings

The master of perceiving and deduction has done it this time! Mood Swings, the talk of the town in the emotional field.

Enid Vien leads you into the face of the most misunderstood and abused area of life - emotion!

She gives the reader tools that accurately help identify the emotion, versus the words that are being spoken. Throughout this book, Enid explains the different reasons that moods occur and the profound effect moods can have on our success or failure. $12.95

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Scars on the Soul

A phenomenal work by Rev. Enid Vien as she discovers and unravels the mysteries of the scars we endure and the wounds behind those scars. A must read for anyone seeking a path that explains the pain so deep we dare not touch it! This book also introduces you to Clearing, a unique way to handle that pain that won't go away with time. $10.95

Classes and private clearing are available for those who want to explore further. Read a chapter from this book.

Soul-Mates: How to Find Them and Keep Them

Can a person have more than one soulmate? Why does possessiveness occur in relationships? Jealousy! Good or bad? The hard part's over and now you've found your mate, right? Understand why keeping them is as important as finding your mate!

Is looking for "Mr. Right" for real?

Soul-Mates will give you some provocative insights into relationships. We all need and have them! Why not make them successful? $13.95

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Read a review of this book.

The Healing Spirit

This book introduces the philosophy DYNAMISM. The years of perfecting the blend of western technology with eastern philosophies are in this book. $10

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Survival Manual for Parents

Manuscript Edition

    Help!! It's here for the parent who want to apply successful techniques that will help communication and undrstanding with your child. Raising a child doesn't have to be stressful or painful. Techniques designed to help the child and parent. $15.00

Basic Dynamism Clearing Manual

    This manual is designed for the beginning Dynamism clearing practitioner. What is a practitioner? What does he do? These questions and more ar answered in this edition. It contains the first two level of the Dynamism Staircase. A journey of growth - spiritual and physical. This manual is used as a teaching aid for practitioners. $25.00

Vien Verbiage

    Many people have come to know Enid Vien as one of the new great philosophers. Did you know she was also known throughout the world as a fabulous poet? This short collection, written and illustrated by Enid, are a few of her best. $10.00


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