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Timeless Experiences


by Enid Vien

Timeless experiences are those moments when a being extricates himself from the universe of motion, exteriorizing from his body and the mundane world. These experiences make it very clear that there is a spiritual existence and a reality above and beyond the everyday world in which we ordinarily live.

There are several types of timeless experience I have so far catalogued.

  • Drug induced (Highs)
  • Shock induced (Psychic Storms)
  • Action induced (Athletes call this, in the zone)
  • Beauty induced
  • Spiritual communion with another being or beings
  • Spiritual connection with source
Any experience that lifts us out of time and into another realm is a timeless experience. Some are thought of as desirable, others are not.

Since infinity is infinitely diverse, it is possible to exteriorize from one universe into many other realms, many other identities, and many other perceptive variations.

Drug induced ascension experiences are generally a trap of magnitude. The drug, poisoning the body, causes the being to separate from it. This reminds the being of previous deaths, which may be partly the reason for the profound depressions the being experiences when he comes down. Nevertheless, such experiences, when they do not derange the person, show him there is more to life than the purely physical.

Shock induced experiences often result in psychic storms where the individual steps outside time and physical space to throw a cosmic tantrum. Berserker rages fit in this category. While operating through this world of motion, the being is not IN it. Oblivious to the pain the body feels, the Berserker rampages on. However not all psychic storms are angry, they can be storms of grief or fear, apathy or desolation of the spirit. The emotion and will are so all consuming that the being leaves the universe of motion, ceases to create it, often without realizing he has done so. These moments are timeless and can often float with the individual echoing down through centuries, even millennia.

Action induced ascension experiences are very common. One actually controls the body from an external position. Athletes, especially runners, frequently exteriorize and get hooked on the feeling.

Beauty in its various forms, music, poetry, sculpture and nature can lift us to a state of rapture.

Engrossed in the aesthetic form, we are lost to the world around us for a while.

Spiritual communion with other beings can be most uplifting. It occurs at times during clearing or communication exercises. I have seen it at times on a basketball court, in a choir singing, in churches of all denominations, it is that magic where one is in tune, in accord with one another.

Spiritual connection with source says it all. One permeates infinity and shares its essence.

During clearing, meditation and other techniques of self realization, many ascension experiences are possible. Each new awareness is an awakening which lifts us from one paradigm to another. Each is an ascension experience.

The problem inherent in all of the pleasant ascension states is the desire to be there forever. Living and operating in the world of motion makes this impossible and really not desirable. Having one's head in the cloudy heights tends to make for burnt meals and makes it hard to earn a living.

Addicts take more and more drugs in the vain hope of experiencing that magic high once again. One gets hooked on music or the thrill of racing cars. One meditates or gets clearing by the hundreds of hours, all driven by the passion for the ascension experience that uplifted one and made such a deep impression. It becomes an obsession and it rules one's very existence. Life seems dull and mediocre, lusterless and lacking in sparkle once one has had and lost such a state.

The above are all out of body experiences. Some are also out of the universe of motion. Those which are out of the universe of motion can be divided into two main types: Psychic Storms and Ascension Experiences. These are actually two sides of the same coin, however Psychic Storms are usually very unpleasant.

In the course of living, beings commit acts which violate one of their core beliefs, or cherished principles. No matter what the provocation and no matter how clever the justification he has concocted, the being knows he let himself down. He generates a Psychic Storm and further violates his personal code of ethical behavior, by using a psychic ability to destroy something, or harm someone. He has to change personalities at this point, which changes his Game Sphere. The new personality, being farther away from his pure being-ness, cannot experience the source of life so readily. He wistfully remembers the powers and perceptions he used to have. He is on a downward slide to the hell of a self constructed prison for the soul, at this point.

As I mentioned previously, the Ascension Experiences and the Psychic Storms exist outside the world of motion, outside time. At source point there is no space-time continuum. It is the universe of thought, infinite and infinitely malleable by thought, especially the type of thought we call will. The universe of motion is a shadow or reflection of this universe. This is why the thought and emotion contained in a Psychic Storm can imprint on the universe of motion. During an Ascension Experience one's slightest whim can, and at times does, materialize in the universe of motion. The lighter the emotion, the more powerful the imprint and the easier and quicker it is to create effects that manifest themselves.

We live in the world of motion while yearning for the world of no-motion. When a being awakens, he has an ascension experience. He wants to remain in the state of bliss, grace, harmony, or whatever he calls and considers the state to be. Ideally he would be able to enter or exit either realm at will. The problem is that the world of motion is very absorbing, once here we tend to become so involved we forget about our Source. Various things prevent us from the ability to come and go at will, not least of which are the needs of our physical bodies. Eastern Religions have tended to concentrate on breaking the bonds which tie us to the body, in the hopes that this would free us from the bonds of the universe of motion. They have believed that involvement, desire and ego are the traps that tie us to the wheel of life and death. This approach does not seem to have had a great deal of success.

Taking the view that we should be able to enter any realm at will, what are the concepts that bind us?

There are many. Each being probably has his own set, according to his own universe and the rules he set up for himself. When these rules do not harmonize with those of the universe of motion he is very unhappy here. When those rules do not harmonize with the universe of spirit, he cannot enter. Notice: They are his own rules! His thoughts! His ideas!

Being a body, an animal, is often considered in opposition to being a spiritual entity, and the two existences sit uncomfortably side by side in mankind. When one has an Ascension Experience one is at Source point where all bets are off. Opposition is, after all, a consideration. When the two major aspects of a human being (body and soul) are at war, much trouble ensues for and around that being. Yet one cannot stay there in that Ascension state and hope to survive in the Earth bound rat-race.

Completing the Game Spheres Programme sits a being squarely back at the helm of his own universe. From there he has a chance to step farther along the road of full control of the ability to come and go at will from Source point. Until this is accomplished these experiences will be somewhat random and sporadic. The being usually has little control over them.

The problem for most Clearing Practitioners is that these Ascension Experiences, while they give tremendous insight and case gain for the individual, they also stick him with the longing, the desire to return to Source. Or at times the longing to return to his own universe, or to some other universe where he was at peace.

Any gains the individual makes thereafter is measured against the Ascension Experience, this makes it hard to work with the person who has his attention locked on the wonderful, sometimes awesome, past thrill of Ascension.

Some persons experience many of these. They free up a great deal of decayed Dynamis and the individual becomes stronger because of them. Yet the sense of power they bring diminishes and back in the everyday world he is restless, yearning for the heights. Once a person has had such an experience he never falls back all the way to his previous position, so even if he does ascend again, it is not such a startling contrast, and he may feel it lacks something.

So, this gives the clearing practitioner a knotty problem; what to do with viewers who have had one or more of these so that their attention is free to concentrate on the present reality. It was once thought they should be rehabilitated (brought back into the present) but this poses a difficulty of its own. These experiences do not exist in time, there is actually a small gap in the flow of the time stream where they occurred.. They are actually always here and now, but they do not seem to be able to be experienced in that way.

Like Psychic Storms these experiences have repercussions in the universe around the being. Whatever he imprints can reflect back at him, due to the dynamis he creates flowing into the universe. His thoughts and will are tremendously powerful when he is in an Ascension state. He may feel invincible, all knowing and godlike and when he returns to the normal world this can translate into some strange phenomena. Bodies are generally NOT invincible, and his all knowing and godlike attitude may come across as delusions of grandeur or arrogance. This can be very upsetting to the being who cannot understand it. and who often believes he has lost his 'magic'.

Psychic energy translates into physical energy, but unfortunately often much gets altered in the translation. The being stacks up charge on this and so these marvelous experiences are often loaded with upsets and misunderstandings. These in turn tend to generate Psychic Storms.

When a viewer has had Ascension Experiences it is necessary to clear the decayed dynamis (charge, harmful energy) from them.

(I wish to acknowledge Alan Walters for the term Ascension Experience.)

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
First Practitioner
1 September 1998

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