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The Reliving Phenomenon

Fundamentals of Clearing Series 4

by Enid Vien

There are certain Psychic Impressions and Wounds which are inscribed so deeply on the being that they have gateways permanently open, causing the Impression to be in a state of almost permanent activation. The being is usually unaware that this is happening but periodically flies into a storm of emotion which distresses him and those around him. He may become aware of it afterwards or in severe cases have no recall of the storm except a lingering sense of unreality or discomfort.

The Psychic Impression/Wound in such a case superimposes itself on the current surroundings and affects the being’s judgment and perceptions. The mechanism of this is that something or someone in the present is close enough to the original event that the reminders are everywhere keeping the Impression alive and activating it continuously and repetitively.

If, for example, the original event or episode was a violent explosion of wrath in which a woman was brutalized and physically hurt, any man who is not smiling, anyone who is angry, shouting or intoxicated, a violent movie, loud voices, all of these could reactivate the Impression.

These Impressions are tricky to access because the being is so accustomed to their presence that he thinks this is normal. The impression surrounds him superimposing on the environment and he views life through it. When the circumstances approximate the original to closely the being goes into high danger mode and starts reacting as though the original event is NOW. If the being is a high powered being, the Impression will catch them in its thrall and they will actually begin to act it out. This serves to convince the being that the conclusions drawn in the original event are true. In the example given, the being decided that “Men are dangerous.”, and “Tempers are unpredictable.” This reinforces the Impression, giving it more and more power. The more frequently this happens, the more powerful it gets. The being does not see that his or her influence is actually recreating the event. The Dynamis of the being contains the Impression as it flows from them catching those around him with its emotion and pattern making it seem to the being that these things always happen TO him. He is unaware that he is causing a large part of it. He has become his own victim, the effect of his own cause.

Once such an Impression is found and cleared, the being’s perception of the present becomes much clearer.

Game Spheres, at the core of the case, are always in a state of permanent activation. The being may shift from sphere to sphere, or shift archetypes within a sphere, but the spheres themselves are the anchors for the various Psychic Wounds and Impressions that they attract.

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
First Practitioner
26 August 1998

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