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The Mirror Effect

by Enid Vien

To a large degree the universe is the mirror of your consciousness

Our emotions, thoughts, and life force superimpose themselves upon both the world and the people around us. As we emanate life energy, it affects everything and everyone in our range. The range varies from person to person. Some having an enormous span, while others can reach very little.

If we flow emotion and thoughts that are confused or ugly, the world will appear to us as a confusing and ugly place. When we flow certainty and beauty the world around us is seen as beautiful and dependable.

Does the world really change? Or is it merely our perception of it that changes?

Evidence shows that the world does change. Whether that change is minute or great depends on the amount of life energy it receives from the being that emanates the energy. Many indoor gardeners have noted that their plants do better when talked to in a nice tone or with soft mellow music. Have you noticed that a smile elicits more smiles and everyone does better when treated with respect and decency?

The physical universe is friendlier to those who enjoy it. A person who’s actively emanating cheerfulness is usually both lucky and has few accidents, for they are not resisting the world around them, but are acting harmoniously with it.

When we resist the world around us it becomes more and more uncooperative. The harder we resist and protest, the more problems we manifest. Resistance is a force against something or someone, and it pushes reality away. As we push reality away, our ability to deal with it diminishes. The harder we resist, the worse it gets, until we get to the point we’re dealing entirely with the demons within and have no energy left to deal with the external reality.

Example, You’re trying to have a conversation with someone who thinks they know what you’re going to say, so before you’ve finished your sentence or thought they’re putting words in your mouth that have no faint resemblance to what you wanted to say. If you’ve had this happen, then you know it’s maddening!

Such a person has withdrawn from the real world to the point where only those things he thinks are so, are perceptible to him. This person has reached a point in his life where he is unable to emanate life energy; it is all held inside and therefore he cannot perceive the real you. As we emanate life energy, others are warmed and heartened by it. Our perception of the spiritual nature and reality of the other being strengthens and deepens. This feeling is magical.

Like mirrors of the soul, we give of our life energy, receiving back more than we give, for there is a wellspring of infinity to this wonderful phenomenon.

We all have differing abilities to create and flow life energy. In the course of life we experience emotional crashes and sorrows that dam up our natural flow. Personal tragedies, loss of family or friends, believing one has made damaging mistakes, all tend to dam up the life force that would radiate from us as naturally as breathing. If severe enough these crashes can make a person sick or even die. A person dies from a lack of life energy, having forgotten he can create it.

We are all God-touched and have a spark of divinity, if we can uncover it. That spark of divinity is our life, our life energy, and our inheritance.

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
October 2008

©Enid Vien

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