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I have stated before that we are all notes in the chord of Infinity. Each of us an agent or aspect of the Infinite. Therefore we carry Divinity within each of us. Each being, each soul, existing as a microcosm of the macrocosm we call God.

This has enormous ramifications. To know ourselves means to know the Divine, and to know that each are the embodiment of some Divine aspect, Avatars of Infinity.

We find beings in the World of Motion manifesting in various ways, not all of them are pleasant in our eyes. However, this is still a manifestation of Divinity.

From the point of view of a Dynamism Practitioner, beings are in various conditions that I shall illustrate here.

A. The ones in the center are shown connected to Source.

B. The ones on the right are shown as having lost their connection to Source but are still aware that they are beings.

C. The ones on the left are shown as having lost their connection to source and collapsed into their bodies.

Type A s are aware of themselves as beings, know they are connected to Source and can move between the spiritual and the physical universes to a greater or lesser degree. The ones who are somewhat connected often seek out Clearing Practitioners in order to remove the barriers that prevent a stronger connection.

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Type Bs are not connected to Source but are aware of their spirituality. They are usually the ones who seek out practitioners because they know they have lost something vital; they sense they can be so much more than they are currently manifesting, and they are frantically seeking to grow. Often the B type is very powerful and successful but still feels that nagging sense of unfulfilment.

Type C rarely shows up for clearing, if they do they usually want a physical condition or emotional loss handled, and are not seeking spiritual enlightenment because they are in denial of that aspect of self. They have become separated from source, identified self with body and forgotten their true nature. Type C has Spiritual Amnesia1.

Type D is not shown in the illustration. This type has a direct line to Source but cannot function down in the world of motion very well. They have lost their individuality in the depths of infinity; often they have psychic powers raging out of control. When one's attention and focus is all on the infinite it is hard to take care of mundane affairs. Infinity is such a broad field that one Knows but cannot focus on specific knowledge very easily. They are therefore inclined to opt out of the games played in this universe, often despising the physical universe and sourly wishing to leave it all behind. This type is very hard to handle because they have no viewpoint.

The fundamental job of the Dynamic Clearing Practitioner is to remove the Decayed Dynamis and connect the being back up to Source, and then strengthen this connection. Not to entirely return the being to Source Point that would disconnect the individual from the world of motion thereby knocking him out of the game and into the Big Snooze2.

We all exist at Source Point. It is from Source Point that we emanate Dynamis that flows through our individual beings and bodies, endowing us with life. Type B has come to believe they as spirits are all there is. Type C has come to believe they are bodies and that is all there is. Neither belief is true, but they bring about an apparency of truth that the individuals in both instances call reality.

To play this game it is essential to accomplish a balance whereby; body-mind-heart and soul are in harmony. Most illnesses, mental sickness and even accidents have their origin in a disharmony that starts with a spiritual (psychic) wound. It is possible that ALL undesirable conditions start with a psychic wound.

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
First Practitioner

1Spiritual Amnesia: The state of total identification with the body.

1The Big Snooze: Occurs when fully immersed in Infinity, or when fully immersed in the world of motion. When fully immersed in infinity one is in a state of Not-Know. When fully immersed in the universe of motion one is in a state of Spiritual Amnesia.

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