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Games Spheres

by Enid Vien

Spherical masses around a being become obvious as one progresses on the road to enlightenment. They do not respond as traumatic incidents but they usually have many old incidents attached to them. In fact, once a sphere is contacted, many old incidents, that the person believed were handled in earlier clearing attempts, reappear as the sphere unravels. Once the sphere unravels they are gone for good. The spheres both appear and feel dense.

These masses are the being's own creations; the pattern has been with him for so long that their formation has become habitual, so much so that, deleting one, he will at once begin another. This continues until the pattern is fully understood. We have said for many years that the only thing that could truly aberrate a being was his own creations. It seems we were right. These masses are universes in themselves which superimpose themselves on other universes. They have all the composition of a game, a big game and as such when one game is over another starts. Each one has a theme; a paradigm.

The players are archetypes (prototypes) for that theme. These each have a complete package of thought, with righteous computations and behaviour patterns. as well as a peculiar aesthetic purity. When certain concepts are stirred into activity in the present, these ancient spheres come to life and dictate the course of events and actions. As most of them were made back when the individual was more powerful, they contain tremendous amounts of life force (dynamis). Often during earlier practices the being ascends out of his body and into one of these archetypical identities. It feels so powerful and real that he thinks this is his true identity. The sense of expansion is addictive, he knows it is more than the mundane existence he has been living and will go to enormous lengths to regain this state, never realizing that it also is an additive to the being.

Archetypical personalities are the pattern or model upon which later identities are based. In earlier clearing attempts often one archetype was found and deleted, leaving a void into which the rest of the sphere would collapse causing much discomfort, pressure and even sickness. At times the person would dramatize the opposite archetype and do things totally against his own belief system thus ending up with the "I hate myself" syndrome.

When a being ascended from his current personality and body into one of these archetypes and believed since it was so powerful it must be his basic personality, it would often stick hard, causing a one-sided, narrow personality lacking in the facets which make up a well rounded character. So you could have a person literally BEING a concept such as justice, power or love. This naturally does not make for happy relationships.

The Games Spheres program has completed its pilot stage. So far it has had spectacular results. It is clearing up those repetitive case conditions that nothing else seems to change by handling these ancient patterns and I believe it results in a higher state of clear than we have previously seen.

The Games Spheres program shows every promise of unravelling the core of the case upon which later behaviour patterns depend and to which traumatic incidents attach.

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
First Practitioner
1 September 1998

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