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The Being and the Spheres of Existence

Fundamentals of Clearing Series 6

by Enid Vien

The nine spheres of existence are the spheres of life which a being can influence with his Dynamis. As a being collects experiences through his sojourn in the physical universe he contracts further and further until he is usually found only thinking from the first sphere. Self is paramount, wife, kids and dog are subsets of self and have no existence in his mind as separate entities. When a being contracts even further you will find he sinks back to the ninth sphere, then the eighth and so on. The spheres themselves are now smaller though and are actually a projection from the being in his decreased state. His concept of God, for example, will be more solid, more male, more human and less spiritual in nature.

This gives rise to many peculiar phenomena. The religious maniac who thinks he is the Messiah, the super being who cannot go to the grocery store unattended, the individual who is talking of saving the planet, if she could just get past having a car that works. Unrealistic and troubling to the practitioner, when a being has reached this state, he actually has no self and has to rise up to having one. Sometimes you will find someone BEING the planet, or BEING an American, or BEING a mother. There is nothing wrong with being any of those things, but there is everything wrong when that is ALL you are.

Most beings who come to us fortunately are not that far gone. Our average newcomer will be found to be in the first category I mentioned. As they expand a bit through clearing, they begin to perceive the other spheres more clearly and their responsibility increases. While this expansion is occurring the being begins to see that they had some causation in their favorite betrayal/victimization story. This is humbling and the pendulum tends to swing from, “I am the nicest, best intentioned, sweetest person who has been so badly abused by all these ungrateful creeps” to “I am the biggest jerk in the universe.” Don’t worry, the pendulum will swing back once again. The swings will get shorter and less wildly dramatic as the person progresses.

The being’s spheres contracted as he withdrew more and more from the world and other beings. This has very little to do with how extroverted the person seems to be. He withdrew due to Psychic Wounds given, received and witnessed and his reaction to those wounds. It is not that the world is such an unsafe place, it is that HE or SHE is unsafe for others to be around. Intuitively the being knows this even when complaining lustily of all the ills that have been perpetrated against him. In clearing, the being expands his responsibility and as this happens he feels safer to himself and therefore allows himself to reach out and have more influence. There will be set backs and roadblocks along the way because old patterns will be used from time to time. Each of these is an opportunity to find and handle more case and is also an opening for further education.

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
First Practitioner
3 April 1999

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