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How Dynamis Clearing Works

Fundamentals of Clearing Series 2

by Enid Vien

When events occur, we record them in the form of Psychic Impressions and Mental Images. When later we think of these, we re-create the image and impressions automatically. These impressions can superimpose themselves upon the physical universe and our bodies without our conscious awareness registering that they have done so.

Bringing a person to knowingly revisit these images and impressions desensitizes them for they are no longer hidden or partly hidden. For example, one knows an event occurred but the details are hazy, this event is partially concealed from you. The being tends to shy away from painful memories so it is unlikely to be re-inspected until the personís attention is directed to the event or episode.

When one is reminded subconsciously of the event, the energies within it are activated and can affect the individualís perception of the present causing a cognitive dissonance between then and now. Unwanted sensations and emotions inappropriate to the current event turn on.

When an event is revisited and examined, the forgotten information, emotion and energy locked within it is able to flow again and eventually dissipate and become harmless.

One can view the Psychic Impression and it becomes less devastating in its impact. One can view the Reminders of the old Impression and their energy dissipates so the Psychic Impression drops out of sight and the being can operate for a while without its influence. It is not gone but it is rendered temporarily impotent and it will never again have quite as much force. It can be re-activated by the idea there is a similar danger in the environment. This type of Clearing is called de-activation.

One can re-create the Psychic Impression fully, reliving it which requires one to create again what one has been unknowingly creating. Since Dynamis is energy and has some existence within the physical realm, it falls under the law of physics which states that two objects cannot occupy the same space and time and it vanishes as a construct and becomes a memory like any other memory. This is type of Clearing is called deletion or erasure.

There are certain subjects which lock onto literally thousands of Psychic Impressions, one such subject is education another is communication. One can work on these subjects directly thus deleting the reminders and causing these Impressions to became inert.

Mis-defined words, for example, can lock onto Game Spheres. It can produce tremendous relief once clarified, way beyond the amount one would expect from simply defining a word correctly. This is because the mis-defined word was a key word that prevented any flow in the area addressed. Addressing these subjects separates the individual from thousands of Psychic Impressions and gives freedom of choice in that area. This is called Subject Clearing.

The Game Spheres are central to the case and have uncountable reminders and Psychic Impressions and Wounds attached to them. Unraveling the Game Spheres removes any tendency to re-create these Psychic Impressions, allowing the individual to remain Clear in the Sphere of existence on which that Game Sphere impinged. This is called Core Clearing or Unraveling

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
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19 August 1998

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