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The Chalice

by Enid Vien

The Chalice is the vessel which sits on an altar. It represents a concept which is held sacred to the being. Sometimes it is called the Holy Grail. The concept correlates to the idea the being most yearns for, identifies with and seeks in life. The Soul-Mates concept is often linked to it.

The Chalice is whole, and perfect. It is a model of perfect love, perfect being, perfect existence.

When the being sinks down to perceiving imperfection in another, the Chalice breaks. The being sinks further, perceiving the imperfection in self. The moment of prime decision fragments him away from the willingness to BE the other, causing a rift, a tearing of the soul and a soul wound of magnitude and enormous intensity.

The moment of prime decision is the first of its type that the being has ever made.

All upsets and wrong indications in relationships are probably reminders of the original broken Chalice.

The whole Chalice is an absolute.

Often, early in a relationship the Chalice is newly created, each being perceiving the beloved as perfect and perceiving the love of the other as a perfect duplicate of the love they are creating for the other. An absolute is created which is hard to maintain in the universe of motion.

When imperfection is perceived on either side, the Chalice breaks. This causes an intensity of anguish that wrenches the soul. It opens gateways to all the previous "breakings of the Chalice". The breaking of the original Chalice is seen as a perpetration of magnitude. That he has committed such a sin against all he holds holy, weakens the being and makes him feel unworthy and broken in spirit.

The breaking of the Chalice corresponds to the breaking of the Covenant and may very well be the Original Sin. To break the Chalice one must become more solid, set boundaries for the soul which clearly define me and not me, and close oneself away from the idea of evil. The dichotomy within this is that one now has the idea of evil in one's universe and is actually locking it within one's boundaries. One has shut oneself in with the very evil one wishes to avoid.

Living in the universe of motion means one sees the hologram, the illusion which we call reality. This makes it hard to maintain the perception of the spirit, the perception of the perfect eternal beauty of each being. We confuse them with their acts making them feel more solid and less fully understood. Our very sight, our vision of them is flawed, this flaws them further for we are actively helping to create them as less than the truth of their eternal beingness.

At this level, the perception of evil is the creation thereof. There is a marvelous parable of this in Genesis.

Feeling flawed, the being seeks to find another who will perceive him as he really is. The princess who will kiss the toad and set him free of the chains of his own creation.

The evil is seen as external, but it is actually internal and is perceived solely due to the mirror effect.

Deep in his soul the being knows he broke the Chalice. Unable to restore it to its original perfection, he looks to others to do so for him. He is now seeking the Holy Grail, elusive and lost in the mists of chaos; it is destined to elude him.

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
First Practitioner
1 December 1998

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