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The Being
and the Being's Case

Fundamentals of Clearing Series 1

by Enid Vien

What is Case? It is the bringing into the present of old emotional baggage, misunderstandings and righteous computations and superimposing them on the present.

The being is pure, perfect and whole. Unpleasant experiences alter that purity and the accumulation of these experiences accompanied by the decisions, conclusions, resolutions and emotions and creations which they bring about, comprise the case.

When something in the present is perceived to have some similarity or potential similarity to an unpleasant experience, a gateway opens to that experience and all the emotions and ideas it contains gush into the present where they influence the present circumstances but are unseen. So when a person is acting with more emotion and reaction then the circumstances appear to warrant, an incident from the past is adding into the present. Usually the individual is vaguely aware that he or she is acting irrationally, but feels driven to continue treating those around him or her as though they were the person who hurt them in the past.

When the incident so activated is severe, the incident is more real to the individual than the present surroundings and he or she is temporarily deranged. Anything you say or do will become part of the scene that is replaying except contacting the spiritual being directly, or being very quiet and calm. Sometimes the individual cannot quite remember what happened, or later insists you said and did things you did not do, this is very confusing until you realize that this is part of the old recording superimposing over the actual event.

When you see this happening you may try telling the person that something that happened in the past has become reactivated. If you sense YOU are over-reacting, you can take a walk, go for a swim, stare at the ocean until you contact your present surroundings again. Do something to move out of the old drama. Every time you rant and rave, replaying the drama, you make it more real, more solid and increase the likelihood of it happening again. You give it power, you recreate it.

When you try and interfere with a scene which is replaying, you run various risks, you validate the case, giving it your power, you may become part of the play cast in a role you do not want and you invalidate the being who knows in his or her heart of hearts that this is not quite true, right and coming from their true self. Counselors and therapists try and get their clients to “talk this out” this is not only inadvisable but serves only to further activate the incident driving the person further into it. The Dynamism practitioner gets the viewer to do knowingly what he or she is doing unknowingly, thus bringing the old incident into a new perspective and under the viewer’s control.

The true self, the immortal being, is senior to his case, this is why clearing can work at all. The practitioner and viewer work together to clear the case, they form a team. In the early stages the practitioner often can see the spiritual being better than the being himself, as time goes on the being gets stronger, more certain of who he is and can more easily see when he is being irrational, having inappropriate degrees of emotion or being righteous about some piece of case he has figured out is right, noble, or holy. We use our intellects to reason why our idiosyncrasies are justifiable, why we are right to be jealous, mean or dislike some harmless soul on sight. We use this reasoning to strengthen our cases, which we believe will protect us from all evils. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

All the evil we have experienced, perpetrated or witnessed is in our cases. All the good is within our being. If you are unhappy, angry or have other unwanted emotions, it is part of your case. Blame, regret, self deprecation, all these are case manifestations resulting from some unrelieved, unresolved thought imprinted within your case and held there because you believe it is survival to do so.

A being truly does not exist in the world of motion, therefore all case is a collection of lies. This is why correcting false indications is so effective. Every piece of case that resolves removes some lies from the being and frees up his perceptions and abilities.

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
First Practitioner
19 August 1998

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