The Practitioner Viewer Bond

Fundamentals of Clearing Series 5

by Enid Vien

It is essential that the viewer and the practitioner form a bond which makes them a team. This bond is composed of affinity and the mutual agreement to work together for the betterment of the viewer’s case.

This is a sacred covenant.

Once this bond has been formed it is essential that it is respected and protected from harm. If the practitioner is weakened by harmful acts by the viewer which damage the ability to create the bond then the practitioner’s power to help the viewer is also weakened.

Integrity is the state of wholeness. This bond forms a whole which is vital for the well being of both parties. The practitioner by the nature of clearing itself has no barriers and is vulnerable to the viewer.

In the beginning stages of clearing, some viewers have little reality on the nature of such a relationship and are careless of their practitioner’s well being, breaking the covenant because they do not clearly see what it is. They know they are placing their life in the practitioner’s hands, but do not realize that it is a two way street and so treat it lightly.

We call this breaking the Chalice. The Chalice being the integrity of a relationship.

Since the covenant between beings has previously been unspoken, some confusion can arise as to its nature, so I am laying it out here.

The Covenant between a Viewer and Practitioner



    1. To be present spiritually in a session.

    2. To make the session environment safe.

    3. To present no barriers between him and the viewer in order to allow the viewer the freedom to speak his mind in an atmosphere of safety.

    4. To judge not.

    5. To maintain affinity and honesty between him and the viewer.

    1. To be sessionable, well rested and fed and drug free.

    2. To keep his agreement regarding being on time and the financial arrangements.

    3. To respect the bond and do or say nothing to weaken it, his spiritual progress depends on it.

    4. To face and remove his barriers as efficiently as he can.

    5. To be loyal to the practitioner with whom the bond is made. (This bond can be transferred but only under necessity, and with agreement.)

The Unspoken Covenant

The gift a practitioner gives to the viewer is the gift of true friendship, the gift of self. The viewer has a responsibility to treat this with care and respect and hope that one day he will be able to give the same gift to others, a responsibility to keep the Chalice intact.

All relationships have their Chalice. They decline when their unspoken covenants are broken.

There are apparently laws of communion between beings that many of us have forgotten. These laws are:

    1. To never disparage the love another feels for you.

    2. To honor their communication.

    3. Loyalty.

    4. To speak as truthfully as you can.

    5. Speak any criticism or disagreement to their face.

    6. To honor their presence.

    7. To clarify misunderstandings.

    8. To honor the integrity of their other bonds.

    9. To maintain the integrity of the bond you share.

    10. To honor and protect the dignity and sovereignty of each other.

    11. To not allow the influence of those who do not honor the bond to damage it.

    12. To keep the Dynamis between you as pure as possible, refusing to allow other Dynamis to mix in or muddy it.

Communication itself follows certain laws which are very interesting as they appear to have built in penalties when they are violated. These are learned in the communication exercises and fine tuned as you learn more about the subject.

Most, if not all, upsets between people are due to the breaking of the unspoken covenant.

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
First Practitioner
9 December 1998

©Enid Vien

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