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Creating Abundance in Scary Times

by Enid Vien

Have you noticed that when under threat and feeling insecure there is a natural tendency to withdraw back into a safe space? Most of us do this. We spend less, stay closer to home and loved ones. We put off spending on large purchases and we act as though we are poverty stricken.

Sound familiar?

We hear reports of fresh possibilities of terrorist acts and massive layoffs in more and more industries. This play on fear makes some of us even less inclined to reach out and create our businesses, our projects. It puts a STOP to our pursuit of happiness.

The events of September 11th, a day of infamy, are certainly the most catastrophic, alarming and devastating in US history. It was clearly intended as an economic blow to America’s financial standing in the world as well as an attempt to demoralize the spirit of America and her allies.

Have they succeeded? The terrible pictures and harrowing emotions were certainly burnt into our psyche. Showing them over and over on television and every other media medium certainly ENSURED this trauma was deeply engraved. It gave all free loving people a wounding to the soul that is of an ungodly magnitude and depth.

The Twin Towers were destroyed by the Twin Evils; Hatred and Bigotry.

The economy was dealt a massive blow, which to this day has not recovered. Although it has not directly crippled our economy it has made it more fearful and has opened the doors to total control as an option. Fear breeds the need for security, the need for security tramples the idea of freedom as you and I once knew it.

Let me say, we Americans are like a ball team that has great depth. As a nation we are rich in natural resources and are a people who are creative, educated, and resourceful. We are a nation worthy of Faith. I have Faith that we will rebound with great vigor.

It is up to all of us to participate in this rebound. It will take all of us, as Americans!

What is the worse blow we can give to oppressors and terrorist?

The worse blow we can give to oppressors and terrorist is to prosper and be SEEN to prosper!

Those of us that live in America are accustomed to a life of reasonable abundance. We have a lot of possessions we take for granted such as drinkable water, flushing toilets, shower baths and etc. Generally we have a scarcity of starvation, plague and fatal epidemic diseases. This is not true of many places in the world. Up until Sept. 11th we had a scarcity of terrorist acts on American soil.

What do we mean when we say "abundance?"

First of all, abundance is an idea of "enough". That is enough for all of us! We also mean an abundance of things we WANT. No one wants an abundance of things they don’t want, far less terrorist acts. We have lost the illusion that we are an island and have had to become global citizens. We can no longer look at the world in the terms of them versus us. That means now we must think globally as we all depend on each other for our abundance as exemplified by the latest financial debacle. As the major banks started to fail, it created a domino effect that had the potential to circle the world and affect abundance on a planetary scale. It’s like the idea of food for the hungry, there really is enough food for all of us in the world. The problem seems to be one of logistics rather than scarcity.

Scarcity, there’s a concept that really should be examined. By scarcity we usually mean not enough of the things we want. Shocks tend to make us concentrate on scarcity. Have you noticed when our government wants to do something illegal or against the Constitution or will of the people they just create the latest and greatest scare tactic to get their way. Terrorism has been used to direct our attention to things that lessen our production, rights, effectiveness and creativity. When one is in protect mode little new creation can occur.

How does one create abundance for oneself?

Find something productive to do. Those who feel they do not have enough do not share. So we must create enough to share. A hungry dog fights for every morsel. Have-nots always resent those who have. Immense poverty, lack of industry and good paying jobs breeds criminals.

The strength of the spirit plays a very important part in the creation of abundance. It’s important to practice staying on course despite efforts to divert you, use your strength to out create evils with acts of kindness and generosity. Focus on creating plenty of wealth and happiness and spreading it around. What we put our attention on is generally what we create. A man that focuses on lack creates lack; a man that focuses on creating plenty creates plenty. As the saying goes, “so within, so without.” It’s important that you become CAUSE over the physical universe. You develop an abundance consciousness by changing your mind. By fully examining ideas of lack, then replacing those ideas with ones of abundance, things you can do, rather than things you can not do.

Let me take a moment and share a true story with you. Back in 1967 I moved to a little house in the San Diego suburbs. A neighbor dropped by and brought me an apple pie and a welcoming to the neighborhood. Upon discovering I had moved from afar and had very few belongings she rallied the neighbors together and within days I had more “stuff” than I knew what to do with. To me this illustrated the Spirit of America. It also illustrates the Spirit of Abundance.

Abundance requires one to come from a spiritual place and one has to find that from within

Some people have trouble doing this and find themselves slipping into places of mean-spiritedness, acts of scarcity and alienation. After a shock even the most generous and abundant of people can find places of hate and contempt in their hearts. Weeding out those places of hate and contempt is essential if you really want to create abundance, harmony and a fruitful life.

Enid Vien

Enid Vien
October 2008

©Enid Vien

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